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Filming C4's Billion Pound Base

Leslie Knott is an award-winning Canadian filmmaker who has spent most of her career in war torn countries, telling the human story behind the conflict. Her film about women’s prisons in Afghanistan led to two innocent women being freed. One of them, who had been jailed for being raped, won a presidential pardon as a result of press attention from the documentary. The film won the Audience award at the Austin Film Festival in 2021.

Tiger Tooth Films is a collaboration between Leslie Knott (Tiger Nest Films) and Richard Parry (Bite Films). Our documentaries tackle difficult subjects in challenging environments. In 2014 we spent a year travelling to Afghanistan for Channel 4. We embedded with the British Military as they dismantled Camp Bastion. Separately, our filmography has taken us into murder trials in America, Afghan women’s prisons and the Calais Jungle.

Leslie makes documentaries and news films for international broadcasters and NGO’s including Netflix, Channel 4, PBS, ARTE, ABC, CBC and UNHCR. In 2013 she started working with Angelina Jolie, recording her work as the special envoy for the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR. They have worked together on several films with refugees from Syria, Iraq, Burma, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, among others. Her first film, Out of the Ashes, the story of the Afghan Cricket team’s rise to success (BBC Storyville) won a 2011 Grierson Award. She was nominated for an Academy Award for “Buzkashi Boys” which was co-produced by the Afghan Film Project, a non-profit NGO that Leslie co-founded in 2010 to help train Afghan filmmakers and foster Afghanistan’s film industry. Most recently she was in Mosul providing training to aspiring filmmakers.

Richard Parry covered wars for 20 years as a cameraman, producer and director. He’s a founding member of Frontline News Television, whose stories are chronicled in the Penguin book, Frontline - The Mavericks Who Changed The Face of News Reporting.  He directed and wrote the iconic movie South West Nine in 2001 (Metrodome), and a number  of other  feature films..

Awards and nominations include a BAFTA, five BIFFA, an Independent Spirit Eye Award, Ron Tibbett Award at Indie Memphis, Best Film at the Dutch Mountain Festival, Best New European Director at Orense IFF.  He has directed over 40 documentaries, including Hunted Series 1 (CH4 2015), Shooting Robert King (BBC Storyville 2009).Miranda Barbour - Series Killer or Liar (BBC3/1, 2018), 21 Miles (Bite Films, Amazon, Virgil Films 2020/21), Unsolved (BBC3 series 2016) and many more.

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