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TV Narrative Series


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A gripping story, splashed with devil-may-care colour and scarcely credible derring-do.

… Guardian


Girls, booze, physical hardships and flying bullets

… Daily Mail


In a bygone era, this extraordinary group of adventurers might have carried cutlasses and flintlock pistol as they travelled to wars around the world.  Now they carry video cameras but with the same idealism and sense of honour.

… Chris Cramer CNN

Heading 2

Based on the book by David Loyn, the series is written and created by Richard Parry.  

This is the true story of  four friends who set out to change the world.  It tells of friendship, love and ambition, the search for meaning and the lure of abandonment.  Extreme characters, living extreme lives but battling with their own dissent in a World whose mould they couldn’t fit.

Series written and created by Richard Parry and William Dingli

 A powerful and compelling 5-Season TV drama exploring the longest and most contentious urban guerrilla war in modern times. The Troubles tore apart familes, communities, a nation. They left nearly 4000 dead and tens of thousands wounded as Irish republicans fighting to unite Ireland clashed with loyalist paramilitaries pledged to keep Ulster British. Its effects were felt across the globe. For the first time ever, a forensic spotlight is shone on the controversial, complex and extraordinary stories that ripped apart Northern Ireland for three bloody and turbulent decades.  

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The series is written and created  by Richard Parry and Richard Kurti and developed by David Monaghan andGeorge Warren .

The true story of the preacher who ran the biggest brothels in the world for the Pentagon. 



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Written by Richard Kurti and Richard Parry and developed by George Warren -

CARGO is a political thriller set in a sealed box. A high concept, low budget movie that taps right into the zeitgeist - immigration, fundamentalism and state collusion. The film is about dreams, the lengths we go to achieve them and how we survive when they are broken.

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