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Bosnia, 1992
Afghanistan, 2008

I covered wars for 25 years - from the Balkans to Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East. At my agency ‘Frontline News Television’, I saw half of my colleagues fall under fire. This series is an attempt to explore and unravel some of the many themes and nuances I have seen in war. People at home often said ‘it could never happen here’. ‘But what if it did? How would you or I or any of us behave? When the things we take for granted are suddenly ripped away from us? What are we really like, once the veneer of society is gone?’


Wars can be triggered by many things from proliferation of weapons to external politics and propaganda. The island is a bubble where we simulate these influences. Where nothing is quite as it seems. The onion has many layers that those within it are forever unravelling.  


Wars often bring out the worst in people but in a strange way they also bring out the best. Compassion and caring between people who have nothing left. Life Or Death is a personal attempt to illuminate the conflict and the humanity that lies at the heart of every human being.


Richard Parry

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